permanent hair removal

Electrolysis Results

Before and After

Electrolysis results on the chin, cheeks and neck

Chin, cheeks, neck

Before and after electrolysis results.

results of electrolysis seen on the upper lip.

Upper Lip

Before and after electrolysis results.


“My PCOS makes my facial hair thick and coarse. Electrolysis was my last hope since laser didn’t work on me. Cadence worked with me to find the perfect settings and now my face is hair free. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. Cadence always put a smile on my face which I appreciated.”
Marie, 31
“Bare Beauty was beautiful and clean when I walked in. The process was a lot more comfortable than I remember from previous places. The electrologist was extremely knowledgeable and good at her job.” 
Carie, 59
“My back and shoulder hair has bothered me for years. After a good routine of appointments I am no longer self conscious to go swimming . Thank you Cadence!”
Scott, 37
“I came to Cadence for my pre-op hair removal needs.  She gave me lots of good information and is so kind. I felt at ease and the conversation was wonderful every time.  I am hair free and ready for the next step in my life’s journey. Highly recommend!”
Heather, 24